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“Hanging out with Shakespeare at Central Park.”

Fun things you can do this summer at Central Park IMG_1450




During the semester we have went on many field trips as a class. My favorite was the “Frick Collection,” but my second favorite was taking a stroll through central park to see the statue of Shakespeare. I found this really exciting because we were ending The tempest and starting to read Prospero’s Daughter so it was interesting to discuss the comparisons and differences in each book as we view the statue, asking ourselves “I wish we can ask Shakespeare some questions about The Tempest,” (I know I was thinking about that).

Its interesting to realize that although Shakespeare’s writing can often come by as confusing and sometimes dense, but once you grasp his writing your able to appreciate the text a little bit better and are able to generate ideas as to why he wrote a play like this, or why he made certain characters the way that he did. After reading The Tempest twice I have a different concept the second time around then I did the first time I read this play. I have appreciated this play this time around and I enjoyed it a lot more in English 252.

Shakespeare was a great writer and his words made you think outside of the box. Shakespeare wanted his readers to “close read” “close look” and most importantly “close listen” it is because of Shakespeare that I have enjoyed reading a little more than I did before.

In Central Park, we were also allowed to explore the park and the beauty in the park. The trees, the flowers blossoming it was very peaceful. Nature also played a role in this trip because it was out doors so we were able to explore the park and other statues and gain knowledge on other parts of the park, but it was really a great experience for our class and I’m glad we were able to explore that all together.

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“Don’t be sick, Lets go to the Frick”

Henry Clay Frick was one of Americas most successful industrialists, he has created masterpieces of western painting, sculpture, and decorative art, displayed in a serene and intimate setting. The Frick Collection offers a unique presentation of artwork.

During the semester, we have visited a few places and even enjoyed a walk in central park to explore and see a statue of Shakespeare, however my favorite trip this semester was visiting the The Frick Collection. It was my favorite because, in class we have explored “close reading” Where we take a passage and analyze the passage and go in depth of what the author is trying to indicate to the readers. In the Frick we explored “close looking” which was a little different. Instead of reading a passage we were asked to go into the painting and try to see whats going on in the painting, why was it painted this way? and what kind of paint was used and why? I found close looking very interesting and more “real”, you were able to see the painting in many different ways and it was easier to analyze.  I think close looking helps to see details in artwork that you couldn’t see before and it also helps with creating another story within the painting which I found intriguing, because I never looked at artwork that way. Sometimes you see a painting as a regular painting, but the truth is they all tell a story you just have use your close looking skills in order to put the pieces of the story together.

We were all paired off into groups and set off into different rooms to close look some paintings. The tour guide that we had was amazing she gave us some much information about all the paintings and their purpose. I really loved all the artwork that was displayed out for everyone to see. I will always close look art work wherever I go. Below are some art work that my group and I were able too see. Test your close looking skills and tell me what you see.


Mortlake Terrace: Early Summer Morning, 1826 a caption
Harbor of Dieppe: Changement de Domicile, exhibited 1825
Cologne, the Arrival of a Packet-Boat: Evening, 1826

The World Comes To An End




Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.01.19 PM
Ray Gaines on the search for his family

The trailer of the Film – San Andreas ( Link Above)

This film “San Andreas” reminds me of “The Last Man” by, Mary Shelley. I was inspired by this film because its about a massive earthquake that hits California. As the earth starts to crack open and buildings start to crumble; Ray Gaines a search-and-resuce helicopter pilot must try and navigate his way around the destruction to save his only daughter and estranged wife. This earthquake reminded me of the plague that occurred in the novel. (The Last Man) The plague is also like this earthquake coming to cause mass destruction.

I choose this film because it shows how the earthquake was so powerful. It was dangerous, just like the plague. The plague was personified as a human being trying to take over and control the earth. The earthquake is also doing the same, but the earthquake is not being discreet about it, its hitting the city hard and causing death in harsh ways, the plague was silent, but deadly.

I also choose this film because I felt that it relates to more of a “dark nature vibe” and we see how mother nature is using her powers to cause this tragic earthquake and destroy what man created.

This is a great film, I highly recommend it, I really enjoyed this film especially the ending. It makes you put a lot into perspective and gives you an outlook on life, it also seeks to visualize nature in a different way. This film also shows how you can build relationships with people you don’t know and how you can all survive together. it also shows how a father will do anything to protect his daughter and the strength he uses within himself to fight till the end, No matter how bad the destruction is, he never gave up. This film shows courage, and bravery to go against mother nature and fight for safety and love.

Nature heels all wounds, Jillian Rosa


For as long as I can remember I have suffered from anxiety. I didn’t know how to control it and I couldn’t understand why it even was happening to me. I just would feel my heart racing as if it were going to jump out of my chest. My thoughts shouting at me, and my body feeling tense. I wasn’t able to have a clear mind and it bothered me that I didn’t have control over my anxiety. It became my worse enemy, but I wanted to make peace and not have this burden on my back I couldn’t deal with the weight. I needed to find a solution.

My parents would always tell me to take a walk or go explore outdoors, perhaps that would soothe me, but of course I never listened, because I thought it was silly to just take a walk, not knowing that a walk can be peaceful and relaxing, It wasn’t until we had took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends, that I really felt that nature was the answer to my anxiety, I finally let lose and went to explore the outdoors and just simply looked at the trees swaying back and fourth with the wind almost as if the branches and leaves were dancing, that helped with my breathing. Then the river that makes a gentle sound that can put you right to sleep, that made my heart smile and not beat out of my chest. And the sky, oh how I loved to look at that sky and the sunset was smiling at me telling me everything will be okay. The sunset helped me have a clear mind and gather my thoughts in an orderly fashion, I was able to take all of that in just from exploring, I began to realize that nature was teaching me how to relax, and how to control my thoughts just by looking at all the beauty in front me. How to clear the mind and how to make peace with my anxiety. I couldn’t believe that nature had done all that for me. I was able to view nature and really appreciate every detail from the grass to the rocks to the animals even the steps that I took to get a better view. Everything was helping and I was starting to take control over my anxiety.  My parents knew it would be a good idea for me to come on this trip which is why they decided to take that trip and it helped me to get in touch with nature and see what I didn’t see before. The stress wasn’t so heavy on me anymore, nature was healing all my wounds. It had great power to make me see a light that I thought was dim and scary, but it turns out it shines bright with a big smile to tell me that I’m alright.

Feeling Free of my anxiety .

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