The class blog is an online space where students can share their thoughts on the reading and our course theme more broadly. Students share the work we are doing together with me, each other, and a broader public. While this writing involves both summary and analysis, it is also allows the opportunity to be more creative and reflective.

Blog Post 1 – A Sense of Place

Write about a personal experience with nature in a specific place. You can visit one now (like a park) or recall a time that you were in nature somewhere. Consider if the experience in nature is more solitary or communal. Try to record/remember all of your thoughts and senses. Describe what you observed, thought, felt, saw, etc.

Blog Post 2 – Beyond the Syllabus

Choose a form of media (film, TV show, graphic novel, song/album/music video, performance, advertisement, podcast, video game, etc.) that you are familiar with from outside this course that you think relates to the course theme or specific text(s) from the course. Explain in detail how your chosen media object fits into the questions of the course theme or texts. Make sure to summarize your chosen media object so that a reader not familiar with it can follow your argument.

Blog Post 3 – In the News

Many of our texts are written and set in older time periods (17th century, 19th century, etc.), yet many of the issues they address in relation to the course theme persist today in similar forms. Choose a current story in the news that relates to our course theme or texts. Make sure to summarize the source and explain its connections to our course. Does it replicate the same kind of thinking about nature, race, and gender as in one of our texts or does it extend or challenge it in some way?

Additional/Alternate Blog Posts

Write about your experience with one of our class trips (New York Public Library, Frick museum, etc.). Describe the experience and what you learned.

Choose a painting from the Frick collection or any visual image and do a “close looking” analysis of it OR write a short story, poem, scene or creative description in response to your chosen image (ekphrasis).