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Ray Gaines on the search for his family

The trailer of the Film – San Andreas ( Link Above)

This film “San Andreas” reminds me of “The Last Man” by, Mary Shelley. I was inspired by this film because its about a massive earthquake that hits California. As the earth starts to crack open and buildings start to crumble; Ray Gaines a search-and-resuce helicopter pilot must try and navigate his way around the destruction to save his only daughter and estranged wife. This earthquake reminded me of the plague that occurred in the novel. (The Last Man) The plague is also like this earthquake coming to cause mass destruction.

I choose this film because it shows how the earthquake was so powerful. It was dangerous, just like the plague. The plague was personified as a human being trying to take over and control the earth. The earthquake is also doing the same, but the earthquake is not being discreet about it, its hitting the city hard and causing death in harsh ways, the plague was silent, but deadly.

I also choose this film because I felt that it relates to more of a “dark nature vibe” and we see how mother nature is using her powers to cause this tragic earthquake and destroy what man created.

This is a great film, I highly recommend it, I really enjoyed this film especially the ending. It makes you put a lot into perspective and gives you an outlook on life, it also seeks to visualize nature in a different way. This film also shows how you can build relationships with people you don’t know and how you can all survive together. it also shows how a father will do anything to protect his daughter and the strength he uses within himself to fight till the end, No matter how bad the destruction is, he never gave up. This film shows courage, and bravery to go against mother nature and fight for safety and love.