Dark Ecology: Race, Gender & the Environment

English 252 @ Hunter College


Scarlet Candelario

Mary Shelley


What I learned from the website is that they provide an abundance amount of information on each of Mary Shelley’s work. Not only do they have extensive information on her work they also scan and translate each page. Making Mary Shelley’s work available to the public is amazing but the fact that you can access her archive through the website is even better. The benefits to archival research would be that not everyone is aware that archives like this even exist (I sure didn’t). To be honest nearly everyone relies on technology for most research that even books are being used less and less with research let alone archives. So, using archival research can make your paper much more interesting as the documents used will most likely not be used by someone else. The struggles of archival research would be that it may be a lot harder to access if they are not at a location nearby and not on the internet.

Fort Tryon Park


When I was a teenager I use to visit Fort Tryon Park quite a lot. I always sat by the benches that were facing towards the Hudson River. I loved going there whether it was alone or with friends because it was so beautiful and away from the city noise (well most of it). Even though it is a public park I considered it very solitary because I never noticed or cared to focus on people around me. The scenery was so beautiful and you could hear the birds and the shuffling of leaves that anyone around kind of becomes non-existent to me. That’s what I enjoyed the most about going there it was like leaving the city but not really, you could just focus on the sounds of nature and the view of the river and New Jersey and the sky and just be in your own thoughts.

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