Dark Ecology: Race, Gender & the Environment

English 252 @ Hunter College



Botanical Garden

It was an amazing experience to explore the Mertz library and to go into the special collection they have with rare and ancient books. It was like going back in time looking at these books and the amazing condition they were in especially the color. One of the books we saw that I think we found pretty amusing was the little pamphlet for women, called Burnett’s floral handbook and Ladies calendar from the year 1869 that tells them the meaning of whatever flowers they received. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the inside of the book but it’s amazing to see how many things were made especially for women but not in the sense for educational purposes. ladiescalenderfloral

We saw this other book called Le fleurs animées which shows mostly females, as flowers and their names resembled flowers as well. They were all made very beautifully and so fragile as well.


It was a great experience over all and I’m so happy I went because it isn’t something I would’ve normally figured out how to do on my own time.

M.I.A Born Free video Apocalypse and Genocide *Trigger Warning*

MIA_press_photo_2016M.I.A is one of my favorite music artists that are relevant in today’s world. There’s not much known about her especially in mainstream media because she isn’t exactly one of those artists that has the mind set of conforming her ideals and image into what people want to see or want her to be. There have been many controversies surrounding her and that’s probably one of the reasons why I look up to her because she is a rebel with a cause. M.I.A tries to spread the word of corruption in our world through her music and music videos. One of those music videos is for a single she released about seven years ago named “Born Free”. The music video doesn’t have many fans for a reason. My first initial reaction to the music video was that it was pretty disturbing and pretty graphic, but then when I started thinking more about, I see more disturbing things on my Facebook feed everyday. There are videos on my feed from Syria and terrorist attacks in Egypt, Paris, Boston, London, New York, Spain, Switzerland. There are mass shootings almost everyday and I have sat next to people on the trains and buses who are so high off their mind they cant even open their eyes or articulate a sentence. We witness oppression everyday whether it be our own or someone else but it is happening in our world right now, it is in our facebook, instagram, tumblr, and any other social media feed we use. We just choose what to make a big deal of and what we can brush under the carpet. When I start critically thinking about everything that’s going on in today’s world and what I see every five minutes on my news feed, the video seems like a fairy tale. Nothing has changed in this world it’s just a different era with different ways of communicating our message. M.I.A with the help of a french director named Romain Gavras through the “Born Free” music video is trying to reach out to the people who can take this video and understand that it can fit in any type of society and situation in the world. All the events going on at the moment is becoming the destruction of who we are. The human race hasn’t made any improvement in the morality department. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.   MTV NEWS ARTICLE

The Two Mile Walk


It was one of those unusually warm winter days in the end of January that my best friend named Simba and I went on an amazing and unexpected two mile walk. It was sunny and about seventy degrees with a mildly chilly breeze in the air that was as refreshing as a glass of cold water. Simba loved the weather and strut through the streets like he owned it.  We usually keep our walks nearby our house in Staten Island but this time I decided we should walk all the way to a park named Arthur Von Briesen which has this amazing view of the Verrazano Bridge and Manhattan. While we were walking to the park Simba kept looking up at me as if saying “Where are we going?” It was definitely a new part of town for the little guy but with his trust in me he kept strutting along excited as can be. Along the way we met a few other dogs some just as small as Simba and a huge German Shepard that paid no mind and tried to chase down a few squirrels as well. Finally we reach the park and we stop at the entrance to admire the trees and their movement along with the mild wind.


I can tell the eagerness of Simba to explore the park with me which made me smile and I yelled for him to follow me and we ran into the park. Simba and I kept walking more into the park through the winding roads and grassy little fields. For Simba it was a Squirrel Wonderland and for me it was just a glimpse of Utopia with my little buddy. We finally reached the top of the park and we both hop on the benches to get a better view of the Verrazano Bridge to the right of us. To the left is the beautiful island of Manhattan and the skyscrapers which Simba doesn’t care about much, but to me it was beautiful to be so close to a crazy city but thankfully still so far away. We can see the blue of the water and the sky and see the seagulls above us singing their songs. Simba and I finally had enough of the view and decided to just sit on the bench and enjoy each others company we looked at each other and he lay his head on my lap as if to say “Thanks for this amazing day.” And I thanked him too.

IMG_0555 simba17


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