Protector_of_the_sheepIn a recent article from the New York Times regarding Chechnya, gay men are subjected to torture and abuse. Homosexuality is not accepted in Chechnya because of the influences of religion (Kramer. Kramer) Homophobia is common in Chechnya because many people are not in agreement with it. Gay men are viewed differently, they must hide their sexual orientation to stay out of trouble. One of the men’s father has so much hatred for his sexuality he has the desire to kill his own son.

In Prospero’s daughter we see Carlos being accused of assaulting a women yet there is no evidence to the claims. Despite the lack of evidence detective Mumsford is persistent believing that Carlos did it. Of course, throughout the story he ultimately sided with Carlos but initially the clear prejudice in race is overwhelming clear. 

Carlos in Prospero’s Daughter shows a similar trait to gay men in Chechnya. Although Carlos was never tortured, he was accused of assaulting Virginia mainly because of his skin color. Mumsford automatically assume it was Carlos because of his one-sided views. In the colonial time of Prospero’s daughter colored people are generally viewed differently, they are not accepted because of appearance and not by their characteristics. The Englishmen oversaw the colony so of course they do no view themselves the same as the workers. Just as Chechnya’s gay men are also subjected to prejudice because of their sexuality, they cannot tell anyone not even their best friends otherwise they are subjected to torture and most likely death. The gay men of Chechnya show a heavy connection to Carlos, in that they are both subjected to prejudice and unfair treatment/assumptions.