Melissa, Elijah, and Leslie 3/29/17

Act 3 Scene 2

We imagined the setting to be set in a subway at midnight. Caliban, Trinculo, Stephano are stuck on a platform waiting for the shuttle train. They all have 40z in brown bags in their hands, commuting home from a house party.  Its past midnight so the train is not coming til the morning. Though they are unaware of this because they’re drunk. The platform is an island of itself, in the middle of an inky and dank underground tunnel. It stands alone, staying afloat with the surface being poorly lit in a sea of darkness. Caliban is trying his best to make a good impression on Trinculo and Stephano. Their laughs and cheeky comebacks reverberate off the tiling of the stained station, up towards the turnstile, and out in the streets.

Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are coming from a house party. It is here we see a shenanigan unfold between the three characters and stranger while they’re stranded, waiting for their train to rescue them from their drunken purgatory.


-Stephano: Youth in Revolt Michael Cera: Stephano sports a clean light blue shirt slightly untucked, but not wrinkled to indicate his calculated yet inebriated nature. But don’t let his minimalistic style and color safe bleach washed shirt fool you. His pencil thin mustache and pinky ring are the telltale signs of a true badass.

– Caliban: Superbad Michael Cera: This particular Michael Cera is unsure of himself. His easily coerced personality allows him to be persuaded into peer pressure. His best friend is his mom yet he yearns to make new acquaintances. Caliban’s New Balances are weathered in color and the laces are stained with tints of a yellow bile from his last drink with the guys.

-Trinculo: Crystal Fairy Michael Cera: More sarcastic but just as mischievous as Youth in Revolt Michael Cera, Crystal Fairy isn’t afraid to throw his weight around in the company of Caliban. He hides behind his mother’s Foster Grants, shielding his bloodshot eyes from the harsh lights of the station.The pilling cosby sweater he wears unironically gives him an air of both sleeziness and hipster elitism.  

– Ariel: Ghost with Two Hats: In this scene, Ariel is supposed to be invisible. He is perceived by readers as androgynous. So if fashion has taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing more gender bending than two hats.

Thou Liest!!