Game of Thrones is a widely popularized series written by George R. Martin adapted as a  television series by HBO. It features a competition for the Iron throne (the symbol for ruling the continent) in the form of war. The three families and their alliances fight until death to decide the final victor and the true ruler of the Iron Throne.  A few female characters highlight the differences  between men and women in the series. Specifically Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth are the major characters that embodies the issue of gender inequality in the ranks among men . They are told by these men as incapable of fighting in the same fields as men because of their gender. Many Minor characters mostly men said that they should do the things that every other women did such as cleaning the house, marry a noble or a lord, and drop the sword and act like a real lady. These statements explore the issues of gender relative to our course theme of gender.

In the series the character Brienne of Tarth is predominantly the main recipient for the gender roles mockings. She embodies the idea of inequality among the genders because she is seen most for being teased and mocked as a women in battle. In a world of men and war, she is one of the few women that disproves the idea of  women not being able to fight and lead. The mockings are a clear indication of  inequality between women and men in Game of Thrones because no man mocks another man because he cannot fight, they mock a women because she is indifferent gender wise. Brienne of Tarth does not get the same respect for her superior swordsmanship and loyalty, while a knight of inferior swordsmanship is praised because he is a male. Gender inequality is portrayed as a side story to the main plot of Game of Thrones. Gender in reality is seen as an unimportant role to our daily lives but in truth it affects the lives of many today.

Brienne of Tarth is reminds me of Carlos in Prospero’s Daughter. Both characters experience the prejudice of their environment but in a different way. Brienne is faced with the harassment of being a different gender while Carlos is suspected of the crime because of his race. It is said in the story Carlos is a handsome man with prominent features in poetry, but he is suspect to have attempted to rape a women because he is of Caribbean descent. Facing with their peers and prejudice Brienne and Carlos’s skills are seen as irrelevant, because prejudice over race and gender is in fact more influential than skillets.