I am  re imagining the scene of The Tempest by making the characters way more sincere and straightforward in expressing themselves by modernizing their language. Miranda’s spirit in my interpretation is more bold and fearless, but still pretty silly about her life choices.

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Act 1, Scene 2

Prospero: We need to go and have another talk with Caliban

Miranda: Dad… by the way.. this story was super boring.! And I don’t want to see him ever again.. he smells and ugly like hell! He horrifies me..

Prospero ( opens the door): Yea I know but he get stuff done, that’s what matters!

P. (Yells walking in Caliban’s shelter) : Hey, I need to talk to you for a moment!

Caliban: What else do you want? I’ve done all your chores for today..

Ariel (flying across the room):  What’s up everyone? Hope you enjoying the day!

Prospero – used to hold a lot of power in the city but got caught while gambling and soon after kicked out

Caliban – a young man, mixed race and mysterious origin. Helps Prospero with small errands, hates him but can’t survive without his mentorship.

Miranda – Prospero’s daughter, not so bright but like to fantasize.. mostly about princes, fell in love with the first guy who is not Caliban.

Ariel – right hand of Prospero, helps him to manage dirty deals and keep him in the know.