I chose a song that would reflect the relationship between Beatrice and the men that controlled her life. As well as an in depth analysis of Beatrice’s gift in relation to the toxicity of their relationship.Wild Annotated

My decision of choosing the Screaming Females holds many reasons. One being the band is composed of two guys and one girl who happens to be the lead singer and lead guitarist. Marissa Paternoster (lead singer/vocals) is known for her own stylistic singing. At only 5’1 she’s able to command the attention of a room with her booming unique vocal stylings. As well through her energetic and expressive performances at live shows with her constant manipulation of pedal boards. To me she just oozes talent and inspiration because she’s an artist in every definition of the word. She’s a visual artist who holds gallery exhibits, creates zines, and teaches workshops. She’s definitely a force.
Their songs carry some sort of a punch. A vicious, unapologetic, garage rock sound that charges out of the speakers. She sings at times in a guttural and raw fashion yet in person she’s the shyest and most sweetest person. Yet she’s able to channel this animalistic side of her from stage diving, messing around with the pedal boards, to just screaming her energy out for the audience to absorb. The duality of stage and off stage persona mimic’s Beatrice with her personality of wanting to experience life while being tethered to a natural force. She becomes to enthralled with her performance that it becomes her. In this specific song, the instrumental and the vocals often are played at the same volume or at least close to each other. This sort of gives the allusion that they’re battling each other, just as Beatrice is at odds with the domineering men in her life. Hopefully this song and annotation will offer some insight or at least be amusing. Screaming Females Edit