Rice_fields_near_Doi_Inthanon_NP Before arriving to America, I remember waking up every Sunday walking to the fields with my grandparents. On a hot Sunday morning when its too bright to go outside without a hat we set a goal to visit the fields to prepare for the Fall harvest. I remember feeling a cool breeze flying past my cheeks as I came close to the rice fields. The fields were half way filled with water and half of the fields covered with rice plants. I slowly walked towards the fields my grandparents were working on, upon arriving at the rice fields I felt a joyous welcome as the villagers greeted me. I remember taking off my shoes and placing it on the road as to not dirty them while rolling up my pants. I slowly put my feet on to the cold soft mud,it was wonderful as the heat slowly dissipates away from my body. That morning the sense of relief and cooling from the sun was as good as cold ice cream on an hot summer day. I walk closer to the center of the field to check of some of the plants, the water starts rising above my ankles and gradually towards my knees. If the water was clear enough I might have taken a few sips.

My grandmother ask me to help her plant the seeds on the corners of the field. When I moved closer to one of the  plants I felt a small wriggle beneath my feet. I lifted my leg up to see see the mysterious creature which both surprising and interesting; it was a worm in the shape of a toothpick quite large of it’s size.I examined the creature and set it down in the muddy water and watch as it dives back into the mud. The encounter was memorable it compelled me to think nature, how did such organisms come to be and what are their purpose? The interactions with nature from small animals to enormous trees creations sated my boredom for  that day. As the sun slowly fade under the grey clouds leaving red and orange streaks,  my grandparents and I headed home for supper. I remember that Sunday the most  because it was one of the happiest and saddest day of my life. It was the  last Sunday that I spent in the village, at the early age of six my parents and I left for America, leaving my grandparents and the fields behind.