It was a frosty morning; the air loaded with the enormous amount of oxygen. After few month in New York City, it was extremely noticeable; I even felt a little bit dizzy that morning. We made a decision to go on our first hike together right after the breakfast and check out the Bear Mountain. The quietness of the lodge was so loud that it even hurting my ears. I have not felt that happy in a long time. The place, the people, nature were too perfect to be true. It seemed like I was dreaming and was afraid to wake up and did not make it to the pick of the mountain that day. The landscape outside was too relaxing and authentic like I was looking at my Microsoft computer screen at work. So we finally finished with our simple breakfast and were about to start our journey into the woods. There were few people, but the area was not crowded at all.. probably because it was still pretty chilly outside, but we were not scared, we were too excited. I was fascinated that only one hour away from New York City you can find such a great hiking trails and mindblowing landscapes with a lake and the hills and whatever you are picturing yourself when you think about a perfect getaway weekend from the concrete city. My father transmitted by genes the love for nature, we used to go on a few hours hike every single weekend when I was a kid, even when it was too cold.. There were never excuses for our hike cancellation. I was blessed by such an amazing parents who always were able to find time for our special weekend routine. So while I was climbing Bear mountain and enjoying the beauty of nature I was thinking about my father that day.

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