Nature is definitely more solitary to me. It is the chance I get to ease my mind and let all my problems out into the air. I love going outside not only when it’s hot but when it’s pouring, snowing, or windy! Just letting Nature attack for a quick second is amazing! The strength that the powerful winds have! How weirdly clean it feels to get soaked by the rain!! Better yet how beautiful it is to feel the calm snowflakes just lightly touch your skin.

Nature is definitely more beautiful than it is disastrous! Nature to me is anytime I am outside in the park or on the beach or any open space. The trees is what I admire the most. The green healthy leaves that are providing us with oxygen. I climbed a tree before. I felt like I was in another habitat. I usually go out to exercise by running around, or climbing.

My favorite part of the park are the swings. I can feel the breeze pass through my hair. The gravity! I see mostly the trees. Not much of the sky. The sky is not nature, it’s another palace. I see myself swinging in the park. Close to sunset. You see everyone else there, ready to leave. But even with people all around you, it doesn’t feel like they are there at all. When I put my head back, the trees are the best source of oxygen I have around me. I get off the swing and I cross the street to run around the reservoir. Wow what a great feeling it is!

Have you ever did gardening? Just touch the cold wet soil. Full or living critters like worms and ladybugs, maybe annoying ants just crawling around your fingers. But it feels different. When gardening it feels like I have a connection with the earth.

Any open space outside is the best! Even walking to school, to work to anywhere! I can always remember feeling great! Especially if you have a great tune to walk to! I feel like there is air in my lungs. A smile on my face! Relaxation in my body. Eyes wide open with excitement. Then close, deep breath and pure happiness hits.