It was a breezy, Spring day. Roaming around with my lover amongst trees, birds and fresh air. We had been walking for the past 30 minutes and I felt my heart beat slowly increasing. We knew where we were going and we couldn’t wait to get there. The water fall at the Botanical Gardens. It had pretty much become our backyard. Our favorite place within the whole garden. We walked, we climbed, we laughed and we embraced. The fresh air kissed our face. By the time we made it, I felt a weight on my shoulders. A sense of heaviness… I was exhausted. It was about 10:30 in the morning and I hadn’t had any breakfast. Perhaps my energy was depleted. As I sat on the bench, admiring the water fall while observing the tree bunches move to the hidden waves of the wind,  I couldn’t tell what was wrong with me.

After a few minutes of subtle discomfort, my partner handed me a peeled tangerine. I began savoring a piece I had removed from the bunch. The flavors bursted in my mouth and in my body. My senses began to heighten and my vision became more clear. Life was being given to me in that moment. As I ate more, I felt myself becoming more alive through my mind, body and spirit. It’s a feeling that was truly unexplainable, however it made sense in every way. In that moment, I understood a truth I had never grasped before. The divine connection. The feedback loop of giving and receiving. The ubiquitous duality that resides in all things. I understood nature in a way I never had before. I felt alive, connected and exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment within the infinite universe. The chirping birds sang as I listened. They fed my ears and soul. All motion being experienced through my senses were pure bliss. I reflected, and as I did, I felt like an animal, in its natural habitat. Before the city, before the artificial noise, before the destruction. This was my home. And in that moment, there was nothing more important. The magical insight given to me, left me with intense awe. This was more than just a nourishing fruit, more than just sightseeing. This was life, youthfulness, joy and gratitude. I knew I was healing. Nature had kissed me with its Universal Intelligence and I was present to receive it.